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Electric infrared heating panels revolutionise the way we heat our homes, plus infrared heating for offices, village halls, workshops, garden rooms and log cabins.

An affordable and easy to install electric heating solution, fully controllable and very energy efficient. Perfect for homes which can only use electric for their heating. Call us today 01electric home heating237 451759

Multiheat & Energy Systems Ltd supply a variety of electric heaters for the home and workplace, chosen to be energy efficient and fully controllable to help save money on your heating costs.

We are infrared heating specialists, since 2007. Based in Bideford but selling via the internet across the country to the trade and public. We supply a complete range of ultra slim wall and ceiling heater styles to fit every situation, from simple white ceramic tile heaters to mirrors and picture panel heaters, and a range of infrared heaters for really difficult places to heat. We are always happy to help and offer experienced, practical and honest advice, we can also recommend a local electrician to install the heaters for you. Please visit our webshop.

Over the past thirty years we have become accustomed to heating our homes with warm air simply because it was cheap to do so, gas central heating and storage heaters were cheap to run so they did not need to be energy efficient. Now we are all far more conscious of the energy we are using and so a new means of heating our homes has evolved to revolutionise home and business heating. Our heating panels use infrared technology to warm surfaces, walls, floor and furniture, which in turn give off warmth to heat the air. Working just like nature – in summer the suns warmth warms surfaces, brick walls, tarmac roads and sandy beaches which all radiate warmth to heat the air.

Living rurally we understand the need for affordable, easy to install and cheap to run electric heating. This heater shown on the ceiling in picture above, will comfortably heat a small living room and costs just £340 plus a small fitting charge, the maximum running costs are around 12 pence per hour (costs depend on your home and tariffs) however this will greatly reduce once the room is warmed and the thermostat modulates to draw sufficient power to maintain warmth. Infrared energy warms the whole room and not just the air, so the air stays warm for longer.

coloured glass heater panelHeating panels can be fitted on the wall or on the ceiling, but need to be open to shine their infrared energy across the room to reach all surfaces, just like a torch beam. You must not hide your panel behind furniture. Many customers say they like the “feel” of infrared warmth on the body, it is best positioned close to where you sit!

Panels can be plain white for wall or ceiling mounting, or very decorative to match your decor.

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Our range of electric heaters can suit every situation.

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White framed infrared heating panels available in matt white with a small white frame from £190. For wall or ceiling mounting.

White frameless infrared heating panels available in satin white painted steel for a tough durable finish from £185. Ideal replacement for an old storage heater.

Ceramic frameless infrared heating panel. Beautiful white ceramic tile effect electric wall heater. £165

Highly polished glass heaters available in white, black, red, or green from £300 Green colour as seen above.

mirror heaterMirror surface infrared heating panels  
Simply the best way to heat your bathroom and keep your mirror mist free! From £285.

High output heating Elegant slimline black bar shaped infrared heaters provide comfortable warmth without the light glare normally associated with cheap patio heaters from £275 Perfect for a garden workshop or studio, or stables and animal housing

Powerful Industrial heaters for sports halls, churches and industrial units in plain white, with no light glare, from £295


Picture heaters.   A picture which is also a heater! Tinfrared heating panel with picture onhese can be the only heating source for a room or used in a larger room as a top up to the central heating system. Please provide your own quality image for printing onto the aluminium surface, perfect for hotels and cottages where unsightly modern radiators do not fit in.

Modern electric heating is very energy efficient, each heater costs just a few pence per hour to run, so hopefully we can save you money on your heating bills as well as reducing your energy consumption.

Now, make greater use of your solar PV free electricity by running a small electric heating panel in one room of the house to maintain some gentle warmth all day long for free.

ceiling heaterInstall a complete infrared central heating system in your home for around £2000

Example. Two bedroomed modern terraced house requiring 6 infrared heating panels.

Total cost to purchase heaters = £1,560

plus thermostatic programmers one for upstairs and one for downstairs £100

plus a day or a day and half work for one of our local electricians around £300 – £450 to fully install your heating as a central heating system. No specialist knowledge is required.

Total cost for purchasing and installing a complete electric central heating system £2110

Total energy consumption 3.2KW

We work in conjunction with 361 Energy a local charity who will come out and assess your energy bills, they can help move you across to a better energy supplier with cheaper tariffs, they can also help you with draft proofing and changing over to LED lightbulbs which will also reduce your electricity bills.

• Is your home very hard to keep warm or damp/mould free?
• Is meeting the cost of your fuel bills making you feel anxious?

A free visit from 361 energy can really help make changes to get you out of fuel poverty. Plus, by changing your old heaters over to modern infrared heating will also make a big difference to your heating bills.