Infrared heating in top London Health Club

Third Space “City” is set to open this summer in central London.

The “City” branch boasts a 20-metre light-filled pool and purpose built training areas with state-of-the-art equipment – everything you would expect and more besides, (even concierge services for washing your sweaty kit and returning to your personal locker!)

With a yoga studio described as – A space to focus and relax. The sculptural, curved ceiling and walls are designed to promote calmness and poise. Mirrored infrared panels provide even heat for hot yoga.

The heating panels on the ceiling are actually our black glass panels, however the surface is so polished and reflective it brings a mirror like quality! Infrared gives a nice gentle warmth to the body, promoting blood circulation and thus improving the health benefits of exercise. Here infrared is used in conjunction with warm blown air heating to give a hot temperature to the room whilst also bringing in warm fresh air and maintaining humidity levels so the studio always feels fresh and oxygen levels are not depleted.

Even the heating is part of the interior design!

We wish the health club every success for the future.

What does infrared heating feel like?

What does infrared heating feel like? Well, at a recent exhibition visitors onto our stand were amazed at how much heat was coming off such a small panel and at only 300 watts ( most people asked how many kilowatts the heater used because their own storage heater was 3KW. That is 3000 watts!)

Exhibition halls are usually vast and very cold! However standing talking to us, visitors could really feel the nice gentle heat coming off the panel, warmth they could feel directly on them, they were all surprised because of course a traditional electric heater would have blown hot air out which would have instantly disappeared in the vast building.

The warmth we feel from the sun is natural infrared, it warms your face on a cold Spring day. We know infrared from the sun warms the sand on the beach or stone walls of the house, these objects then give off heat to warm the air, the air stays warm because it is surrounded by warm things. This same principle is used in our homes, we feel warmth from the panel directly on us and it is warming the thermal mass of the room to create a cosy feel to the room. The specific wavelength of infrared used in our heating panels is chosen to be most comfortable to the human body.

I think all the visitors to our stand agreed, infrared warmth feels nice, and that is not a comment many of us would make about our central heating!Multiheat The South West Home and Garden Show 2018


Opening hours

Christmas 2017 Opening hours

Our office will close at lunchtime on Friday 22nd December and not reopen until Wednesday 3rd January 2018

During this period emails will be monitored and anything urgent will be acted upon as best we can.

Our manufacturers are closed over the holiday period so orders and deliveries may take some time to get back to normal, although we do always keep some heaters in stock.

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Electric outdoor heaters manufactured in the UK

Multiheat proudly announce that we are now able to supply top quality outdoors heaters made in the UK. Manufactured by a leading infrared specialist company and worldwide exporter,  our new range of outdoor heaters provide absolutely instant heat directly to the body, perfect for restaurants, cafes and gardens.

Outdoor heaters are also suitable for churches, village halls and workshops or garages.

Our leading manufacturer has 30 years experience in quartz shortwave heating. With extensive expertise in developing products for specific uses. A full range of heaters is available.

The shortwave heating emitter provides high intensity radiant heat that other types of heating appliances can not match. Shortwave or near infrared has an orange glow, the intense feeling of warmth travels through cold air and only turns to heat upon touching the human body. The air will not be warmed, making this type of heater the most cost effective for outdoor applications or cold buildings where people need to feel warm for a short period of time.

Please ask us for more information

See us at The North Devon Show

The North Devon Show

Wednesday 2nd August 2017

Come and see our stand in The Arcade, a large white marquee promoting local businesses.

We will have a number of new designs of white heating panel on display, and electric heaters that look like a mirror, perfect for heating the bathroom or small bedroom.

Energy efficient electric heaters from £185 with really low energy use to help reduce your winter fuel bills.

Look out for us at The 361 Energy Fair in Barnstaple this Autumn and The Cornwall Home Improvement and Self Build Show at The Cornwall Show ground, Wadebridge.


Our stand at a recent exhibition, look out for the Multiheat Logo

New large mirror finish electric heater

New for 2017

Our large mirror finish electric heater

A wall mounted mirror which is also a fantastic energy efficient electric heater, suitable for heating a bathroom, small bedroom, hallway or office as the only heating source.

This is not just a mist free mirror it is a radiator to heat the whole room!

Measuring 60 x 120cm and suitable for heating a room of up to 12 square meters depending on how well your room holds warmth.

Our large mirror finish electric heater uses modern infrared technology to provide gentle warmth directly to the body and some convection of warmed air to quickly warm the room.

It uses just 600 watts which is about 8 pence an hour running cost, depending on your tariff.

Our electric heaters can be used in the bathroom above the sink provided they are fitted by an electrician and in accordance with current electrical regulations.

RRP £400 including vat and delivery

Pre order now!our large mirror finish electric heater


Why send energy back tot he grid when you can use it to heat your home

Most homeowners with solar panels only use about half of the energy they produce, the rest goes off to the grid, however, there are now many new energy efficient electrical products and battery storage solutions coming onto the market whereby that electricity can be stored for use later in the evening when demand is higher. For those on a Generation Tariff that means more free energy but also reduces carbon emmissions and helps protect our environment, so we should look to see how we can use more of this solar generated electrical energy.

New technology in the field of electric heating brings us very energy efficient heaters which use very little power, these neat panel heaters can be left on all day and evening drawing low wattage to gently warm one room or the whole house depending on your solar array. Infrared heating panels can be easily retro fitted to a room to run alongside the current central heating system or as a stand alone heating solution.

The large wall mirror electric heater is very popular being attractive and functional!

Now that Spring is on its way, many of us will consider turning off the main central heating, however, some warmth to individual rooms is still necessary, even through the summer months too.

An affordable electric heater in the form of a mirror is a simple way to make your home more comfortable whilst using that self generated electricity.

A 600 watt infrared heating panel will warm a room up to 12 square meters as the primary heat source, that could be your kitchen/ living area or a home office. Infrared works very differently to traditional storage heaters or wall panels which simply warm the air, infrared energy from the panel heater warms people and surfaces directly, once these are gently warmed they give off heat to warm the air, the air stays warm for longer. By warming the thermal mass of the room a more cosy and comfortable feeling is created at lower air temperatures. Further energy savings can be made with the addition of a programmable room thermostat. Heating panels come in a variety of wattages to suit needs or spare capacity and vary in design from plain white to stunning coloured glass and mirrors.

Now that the days are getting longer and solar generated electricity is increasing, solar panel owners should be aware of the new technology coming onto the market which harnesses this power for their own use rather than sending it back to the grid. An effective gentle electric heater combined with a battery pack can provide warmth to one room throughout the day and evening and are cost effective to retro install. An electric heater requires no maintenance or servicing and can be a valuable resource when the main central heating fails or is costing too much to run.




Have you experienced natural infrared warmth on a ski trip?

infrared warmth from winter sunshineHave you ever experienced natural infrared warmth whilst on a ski trip?


Even when the air temperature is below zero and you are surrounded by snow, you can feel warm and even sit outside in just a t shirt when the sun is shining, why, because infrared energy from the sun travels through cold air and only turns to heat when it touches an object or person. So, once the clouds build up or the sun dips behind the mountain you soon realise how cold the air actually is! Infrared energy makes you feel warm regardless of the air temperature because it is soaked up by the body to warm you directly.

This infrared feeling of direct warmth can also be achieved from our heating panels – very gently, to make your home comfortable and cosy.

The Cornwall Home Improvement and Self Build Show

Please visit us at the Cornwall Home Improvement and Self Build Show on Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd October 2016. Royal Cornwall Showground, Wadebridge.

This established show brings together all sorts of local businesses to help you find the right specialist for your home project. Find us on stand 50

Visit their website and register now for free entry tickets, or just £3 each on the door! Why not book a “meet the expert” slot for a one to one appointment to see how we can help you with your project.

We look forward to meeting you! Please bring along your plans, drawings or photos of your project so we can help you choose the right electric heater for your needs.

Social Media Graphic - Self Build Show 2016

Visit our trade stand

Multiheat will be attending the North Devon Show and Holsworthy Show this August please pop by and see what infrared heating is all about.

Please visit our trade stand to discuss your heating needs, Multiheat can supply electric infrared heating to almost any situation!  Infrared is the warmth we feel from the sun which heats objects and people directly, this then helps warm the air and maintains warmth for a comfortable all round warm feeling. Infrared is very energy efficient and could also be run from your solar panels!

Places we have heated….Homes, new and old. Modern garden rooms and old summerhouses. Extensions, lofts and barn conversions. Yoga studios, therapy rooms and treatment salons. Skittle alley, functions rooms, pubs, and cafes. Reception desks, ticket offices, entrance halls. Large offices, buildings and warehouses. Village halls and community rooms.

Electric heating is really easy to install by any electrician, panels just screw fix to the wall and can be fitted to a  wall switch or by ceiling mounting you can hide the cables up in the ceiling space and install full central heating controls.