Old college building to be turned into apartments

This weeks news story – finally one of Bidefords old dilapidated buildings is going to get a makeover. There are so many old buildings around that look as if they could fall down and/or are looking an eyesore – Tanton’s is a good example.

For the old Bideford College building though it is good news. A developer has been given permission to turn it into 14 apartments (13 of them 2 bedroom & one 3 bedroom apartment).

One of the great things about this development is that old students were part of planning committee who decided on the matter and that is a great way to get the youngsters of today to help make decisions.

An opportunity for me to find out who the developer is and get them some bumph over to see if they’d be interested in our infrared heating system.

Let’s hope the council get on and make a decision about the other buildings soon. It will be good to see Bideford looking smart again!