Work begins on gas pipe scheme

Work begins on gas pipe scheme was the headline that caught my eye in last weeks North Devon Journal. £700,000 is to be spent to lay new gas pipes in Bideford homes and businesses. The work is estimated to be completed in 15 weeks and will include laying a new gas pipe underneath the River Torridge.

Of course, as a provider of our electric infrared heating systems, it amuses me (a little) that the gas is still being invested quite heavily on. When I approach big builders about installing our heating systems, they still prefer to install gas central heating in new homes because that is what the customer wants, but we know that the amount of both oil & gas is a finite one and that it will eventually run out, whether that is in the next 20 years or the next 100+ years, no one really knows.

The government, with the help of the Chinese, are investing in a new nuclear power station at Hinkley Point, they have invested huge amounts in both solar and wind arrays to produce green electricity and a lot has been invested to produce renewable biomass fuel to burn in traditional electricity power stations, rather than those using natural gas, we can also surmise that electricity will be the power of choice sometime in the future.

There will come a time when the customer recognises that electricity will be more stable in price than oil or gas, and that there are efficient alternatives out there and will start to wonder why people want to install new gas boilers.

For us we hope that time comes sooner or later.

Are you someone who thinks that electric heating systems are expensive to run, give us a call and ask us about our energy efficient heaters, we can give you some numbers that will make you think!

Dated: 4th November 2015