Work Experience at Multiheat

Hello everyone!
My name is Kate and I have recently been doing work experience at Multiheat as part of my Level 3 Extended Diploma in Business. During my time here I have been creating a leaflet about the products by using case studies of the heaters being used in properties around the area. I have learnt about the heaters and the science behind them, and I have experienced the benefits of them myself!

On arrival at the office I found that I was to be working in a converted farm building, which I expected to be cold, damp and musky. However, after going inside I could feel the warmth instantly from their own heaters. Over the course of the day I noticed more and more heaters around the room, which were disguised as a map and a mirror, which shows how practical and discreet they are.

I went to the Philip Milton Financial Advisors office in Barnstaple to take photos of their heaters, and to see them working in a different setting, and they looked amazing; The shiny black panels reflected the chandelier just wonderfully! The mirrored panels also looked sleek and sophisticated in their waiting room. With luxury décor all around, they really looked the part.

After learning about them and seeing them in action myself, I would highly recommend the products to anyone! They really are a quick and easy solution to efficient heating, and they look great too.

Thank you for reading,