The Multiheat range of electric heaters

If you would like more information about our electric heating products please give us a call 01237 451759. We are happy to discuss your project and offer honest, helpful and practical advice. We only supply the heaters, any approved electrician can easily fit them, or ask us for one of our recommended electricians phone numbers!

Infrared Heating Panels 

Our white heating panels are simple and slim, very lightweight with no lights or switches and can hang on the wall or ceiling. Chosen to be unobtrusive yet very effective. Remember, infrared energy is the lovely feeling of warmth we feel from the sun, our heating panels give off this same feeling of warmth , so our heaters need to be fitted on the wall at picture height or on the ceiling so the warmth can shine across as much of the room as possible, our heaters do not blow out hot air!

We have chosen our range of white panels from a number of different manufacturers all with an excellent reputation for good quality. Our white panels come in different textures and designs suitable for differing situations and homes.

Universal Basic panel – Tough stove enamelled textured steel. Small panel RRP £185. Medium £245. Large £295

Universal E panel – Modern, elegant, beautiful. Small panel RRP £205. Medium panel £265 Large panel £335

White glass panels range from £230 to £500 in three different designs.

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Hybrid wall panel heater RRP £165 Combining infrared technology with the convection of warm air from the back of the panel. For fitting low on the wall. In luxurious gloss white ceramic finish with sleek black mounting bars and edge to panel. The ceramic tile is just 1.2cm thick and the whole heater sits 7cm away from the wall.

High output heater – Slimline Black Infrared Heater 1000 watts RRP £275

High output heater – Slimline Black Infrared Heater 1500 watts RRP £375

TerraceSlimline black heaters are elegantly designed using quality materials for use indoors and outside under the cover of terraces, patios and sun rooms, ideal for contemporary living where a stylish heater is required to match indoors and out. Or even in halls, churches and fitness studios. Using far infrared technology which does not give off any light glare.

Install a complete infrared central heating system in your home for around £2000

kitchen heaterExample. Two bedroomed modern terraced house requiring 6 infrared heating panels.

Total cost to purchase heaters = £1,560

plus thermostatic programmers one for upstairs and one for downstairs £100

plus a day or a day and half work for one of our local electricians around £300 – £450 to fully install your heating as a central heating system. No specialist knowledge is required.

Total cost for purchasing and installing a complete electric central heating system £2110

Total energy consumption 3.2KW per hour at 15 pence per unit = costing less than 50p per hour to heat the whole house up to temperature, once the building is warm the programmer will switch the heaters on and off to maintain temperature without drawing power all the time so your energy consumption will drop dramatically. By adjusting your programmers time and temperature settings according to the time of year you keep full control of your heating bills and not waste energy.

Our example house previously used storage and fan heaters totalling 6 KW and although half of the usage was on night time reduced rate electricity the rest was on daytime higher rates. Along with all the other electrical items we use everyday like, TV’s, chargers, games, fridge freezers and washing machine. Did you realise the daytime rates for Economy 7 electricity is about 3 to 5 pence per unit higher than a normal single rate tariff?