Electric outdoor heaters manufactured in the UK

Multiheat proudly announce that we are now able to supply top quality outdoors heaters made in the UK. Manufactured by a leading infrared specialist company and worldwide exporter,  our new range of outdoor heaters provide absolutely instant heat directly to the body, perfect for restaurants, cafes and gardens.

Outdoor heaters are also suitable for churches, village halls and workshops or garages.

Our leading manufacturer has 30 years experience in quartz shortwave heating. With extensive expertise in developing products for specific uses. A full range of heaters is available.

The shortwave heating emitter provides high intensity radiant heat that other types of heating appliances can not match. Shortwave or near infrared has an orange glow, the intense feeling of warmth travels through cold air and only turns to heat upon touching the human body. The air will not be warmed, making this type of heater the most cost effective for outdoor applications or cold buildings where people need to feel warm for a short period of time.

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