What does infrared heating feel like?

What does infrared heating feel like? Well, at a recent exhibition visitors onto our stand were amazed at how much heat was coming off such a small panel and at only 300 watts ( most people asked how many kilowatts the heater used because their own storage heater was 3KW. That is 3000 watts!)

Exhibition halls are usually vast and very cold! However standing talking to us, visitors could really feel the nice gentle heat coming off the panel, warmth they could feel directly on them, they were all surprised because of course a traditional electric heater would have blown hot air out which would have instantly disappeared in the vast building.

The warmth we feel from the sun is natural infrared, it warms your face on a cold Spring day. We know infrared from the sun warms the sand on the beach or stone walls of the house, these objects then give off heat to warm the air, the air stays warm because it is surrounded by warm things. This same principle is used in our homes, we feel warmth from the panel directly on us and it is warming the thermal mass of the room to create a cosy feel to the room. The specific wavelength of infrared used in our heating panels is chosen to be most comfortable to the human body.

I think all the visitors to our stand agreed, infrared warmth feels nice, and that is not a comment many of us would make about our central heating!Multiheat The South West Home and Garden Show 2018